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Enterprise Content Management Isn’t Set It and Forget It Technology

An Enterprise Content Management system, as a complex ecosystem of unstructured content, by nature is constantly growing, fluctuating, and evolving. In an earlier blog we discussed how to recognize when it’s time to overhaul your ECM application. Though sometimes necessary, overhauls can be expensive and possibly avoided if you already have an ECM platform in place that has the features you need. You can avoid getting to the point of an overhaul by regular “surgical” tuning of your ECM system and extend its life and your return on investment. Continue reading…

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OpenText is Moving Into the Cloud

There were two big announcements from OpenText in January. CEO Mark Barrenechea  announced a subscription pricing model for OpenText EIM products. EIM is a portfolio of products that includes Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Customer Experience Management (CEM).  These products now can be purchased in a subscription model for a defined period of time without an upfront capital investment and are available in OpenText Cloud, which includes managed cloud services as well as public, private and hybrid-cloud hosting. Continue reading…

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