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General Networks is Now an M-Files Authorized Service Provider

General Networks Named M-Files Authorized Service Provider

As more and more organizations turn to M-Files’ technologies to support their enterprise content management initiatives, they need a partner to help them architect and optimize the solution for their own unique environment. As a M-Files Authorized Service Partner, General Networks serves as an extension of your professional services organization to expand and accelerate your ability to implement and integrate the M-Files’ solution. 

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Kofax Kapow in the News: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution named finalist in OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards

The Kofax Kapow RPA and data integration platform is the fastest and most efficient way to capture, transform and deliver information from virtually any application or data source, including websites and portals, other software applications or solutions, databases, and file and email systems, without coding.  Kofax Kapow integration and automation flows are defined as intelligent software robots which include powerful, dynamic process automation that mimics specific actions users take when interacting with applications, web sites, portals, Microsoft Excel®, and many other sources of information.

General Networks Corporation uses the Kofax platform to help organizations automate business processes to reduce expenses, increase top-line revenue, and provide better customer service.  Let us help your organization eliminate repetitive, manual data acquisition and data entry tasks to reduce time and errors, resulting in increased employee productivity, operational efficiency, lower costs and more timely accurate decision making.

“We are honored to have Kofax Kapow selected as a finalist in this year’s High-Tech Innovation Awards by the OC Tech Alliance,” said Reynolds C. Bish, vice president of Lexmark and president of Lexmark Enterprise Software. “Kofax Kapow best exemplifies what robotic process automation delivers and is a key offering in our integrated suite of technologies used to digitally transform our customers’ organizations.”  More info:  Kofax Kapow Named Finalist in OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards

Please contact Mike Randash, to discuss how Kofax Kapow and Robotic Process Automation can help your organization.

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General Networks is Awarded Partner Excellence Award at MarkLogic World 2016

We are not the biggest, not the most well-known nor the highest revenue generating partner for MarkLogic, whose partner ecosystem includes well known firms such as Cognizant, Northrup Grumman and TCS.  As an Enterprise NoSQL database platform supporting major financial institutions, the world’s largest publishing firms, media and entertainment giants and many of the well-known government organizations that ensure our national safety, you’d expect to have a focus on large, well-known partners with hundreds of consultants to deploy on short notice. Then there’s us:  an 80-person boutique technology consulting firm headquartered outside of LA.
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Office 365 Fast Track Planning – Use the Software Assurance (SA) benefits you’re already paying for

In 2014, Microsoft reported to its partners that less than 18% of its customers who were eligible for planning services had actually reserved the right to use those services.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Microsoft not only offers eligible customers planning services, but 82% of these eligible customers have not taken advantage of services they’d already paid for.  In other words, don’t look now, but your organization may be leaving some “free” services on the table that you’ve already paid for!

And, if your organization is considering or is currently using some portion of the Office 365 platform, then your organization may be eligible to take advantage of the Office 365 FastTrack Planning service offering.

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Office 365 Storage heading toward 1TB base per tenant

Microsoft continues to improve it’s Office 365 offering and it looks like companies will someday enjoy a much larger base storage per tenant in their SharePoint Online instances.

Currently (at the time of this writing) Office 365 tenants have a base storage of 10GB + 500MB per subscribed user. See their official boundaries and limits here. Unless you have hundreds of users this storage amount isn’t very much and has caused many small and medium sized businesses to have to purchase additional storage from Microsoft at a cost of $0.20 / GB / month. It doesn’t sound like much but it can add up over time.
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Microsoft Ignite SharePoint Must See Session List

General Networks sent several consultants to the Microsoft Ignite conference to keep up on all things SharePoint and Office 365. Below you’ll find some of our highlight sessions. If you were able to get to Ignite and missed some of these or if you weren’t able to make it at all, we highly recommend you take the time to watch our list of must see sessions:

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June 3rd – Automate your Day-to-Day Processes!

Make work easier for everyone.

It’s easy to get caught up in how things have been done. But whatever happened to how things should be done?

Chances are your employees are hoping you’re asking that very question right now.

In 45 minutes, we’ll show you how workflow automation is the answer to streamlining your everyday processes. With it, you put the tools in place to better manage your business, increase productivity, save on costs, and boost morale.

Automate your Day-to-Day

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Time 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT
Cost: FREE

Register Here

Register for the webinar and discover how workflow automation helps your company do its best work.

Nintex workflow automation platform runs on SharePoint, both on premise and online.

As a Nintex partner, we are driven by our desire to help people do their best work. The Nintex platform is all about making processes easy. Easy to automate. Easy to improve. Easy to monitor. Easy to govern. And, above all, easy to understand. And we do it without sacrificing power or flexibility. We’d like to do the same for you.

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